What can I say about Clapperville?


What can I say about Clapperville? Not much really.

Came across it in my travels this morning on a back road in Richland County Ohio.

Crude – non-official looking – signs claim a population of 26.

The house depicted in my photo is near one of the signs.

A Google search turned up little. Apparently there is a Clapperville Mormon settlement, perhaps in Iowa.

I’m open for suggestions.


4 thoughts on “What can I say about Clapperville?

  1. Can’t shed any light on Clapperville , , , but thought of you when we recently drove through an Irvsville, in rural eastern Licking County!


    1. My father made me aware of that and I, too, drove through there. Even took a photo of the Irvsville sign on the cemetery. It’s actually along the shortcut to Zanesville.


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