Possum Run — Coolest Place in Ohio

They say Possum Run Road is the coolest place in Ohio. Literally.

Having lived just up the hill from there for more than 15 years, I’d be inclined to agree. According to my car thermometer, it’s always around 10 degrees colder down there in the winter.

Possum Run Road is also one of the coolest places in Ohio for spurnpikers. This two-lane blacktop twists and turns as it meanders through a valley between State Route 13 near the I-71 interchange and State Route 95. It’s one of the most scenic drives in Richland County.


Flower power! Gotta love this Possum Run Road yard art.

It’s safe to say that most outsiders who use Possum Run Road don’t venture too far — at least not beyond Snow Trails Ski Resort.


Snow Trails – A few twists and turns east of I-71 and you’re there.


Here’s a map:




Possum Run Road starts off of State Route 13 by the Walmart. This store allows RV overnight parking. Unfortunately, for a lot of those folks, it’s all they see of Possum Run and the other scenic beauty our Mohican region has to offer. Note the road sign on the left side of the photo.



The eastern end of Possum Run. On the other side of SR 95 it becomes Bunkerhill Road.


At the eastern terminus of Possum Run – northeast of the intersection – is the ghost town of Newville. You won’t see much of it. If you go one road east on SR 95, you might find a few foundation stones in the woods north of the Pleasant Hill Road bridge.

Newville was dismantled brick by brick when Pleasant Hill Dam was built in the mid 1930s. It was feared at the time that, when the lake filled in behind the dam, it would back up to the village during high-water events. This ended up being a miscalculation. It didn’t back up that far. Although, in all fairness to the project engineers, residents would have ended up with wet basements occasionally.

The next two photos are of Possum Run Church of God, which was disassembled and moved west by northwest to Possum Run Road.


I call this the “crow-ly” trinity. This was the scene this morning when I drove by the church.


I took this photo of the Newville Church a few years ago for my PowerPoint presentation on Ghost Towns of the Mohican River. Note the bird-like cloud formation.


Besides Snow Trails, Possum Run Road boasts another claim to fame — sort of. Hagerman Road, which was one of the locations for the classic film The Shawshank Redemption begins or ends there. Depending on how you look at it.



Sad to report that Possum Run Greenhouse recently went out of business.


If you’re in a hurry, Possum Run is not the road for you. No need for a speed limit; the curves will slow you down. Another reason spurnpikers love it.





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One thought on “Possum Run — Coolest Place in Ohio

  1. Great to see you included the “tow truck with VW” yard art . . . each time by it I think, “Someday that will show up on Irv’s blog!” : ) If you asked permission, I wonder if the owners might let you give it a thorough photo treatment from close range. Bound to be some interesting images within that image. The vicinity of the last photo in your series (curve near the intersection with Snyder Road) I’ve long called “Glory Bend” . . . have driven it so many times heading east just before sunrise, and the mist rising off the sycamore-lined creek in the valley below the rose glow of a brightening sky above the wooded ridges can be absolutely sublime.


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