More than just the home of the FFA jacket

State Route 95 – Destination Fredericktown

Bicentennial flag adorns the window of a museum honoring the town’s newspaper heritage. I plan to go back and visit someday.

I’ve often taken State Route 95 when traveling to and from Columbus. Actually, it’s not much of a spurnpike; it’s the most direct route from the Mohican area to the state capital.

Nonetheless, it’s a scenic road with a few interesting small towns along the way. That includes Fredericktown. At one time, a sign on the edge of town boasted of it being the birthplace of the Future Farmers of America Jacket. For the non-agrarian souls among you, that’s the ubiquitous dark blue corduroy jacket with the huge gold FFA patch on the back. Kind of like country kids wearing their colors.

I’ve driven through Fredericktown many times, hundreds probably, and never stopped there. So early one Sunday morning, I grabbed my camera and drove there from my residence near Loudonville.

I was surprised to find how much was really there. I was not surprised that, like most small towns in Ohio, it’s a mixed bag of quaintness pockmarked with telltale signs of poverty.

Regardless, there’s much to recommend the place and worth taking time to explore.

By the way, these photos (and others) are showcased on my photography blog. High-res enlargements — sans watermark — are available for sale there.

Driving into town from the south, an old feed mill serves as the gateway to downtown.
One of the town’s Victorian houses, this one in disrepair, is reflected in the feed mill window.
There are a lot of old houses in town, some restored, some not.
A gargoyle stands guard at one of Fredericktown’s well-maintained properties.


Main Street, where you can buy guns, learn to work in a nursing home, buy junk or get youself a tattoo.
Bits of Main Street reflected in a junk shop window.
Main Street apartments.
Translation: Things are shitty here for some of us, but we’re making the most of it. Gotta like that.
Off the main drag. Freddies is also the name used by the local high school sports teams. Makes you wonder how many Fredericktown residents actually name their kids Fred.
They even have a Chevy dealership! (Right across the street from the bowling alley.)









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