U.S. 42 – Medina and Wayne Counties

crossroadsI was born in Cleveland, a few blocks from U.S. 42. I was also born to wander, and I’ve done a lot of that on U.S. 42. Which is what I did Sunday morning on my way home from a family reunion in Medina County. I followed it into Ashland County in lieu of taking Interstate 71.

U.S. 42 starts – or ends, depending on your point of view – in downtown Cleveland. It follows West 25th Street, part of my early stomping grounds. That’s another story for another time.

It’s a rural two-lane for the most part, passing through Medina and West Salem in Medina and Wayne counties respectively.

Medina was once a sleepy rural crossroads. It’s now a bedroom community. In the latter half of the 20th century, it was “resettled” by white-flighters, Caucasians from Cleveland looking to escape encroaching racial integration.

Old Medina. A farmers’ exchange across the railroad tracks, south of a refurbished village square.
A Potemkin village of sorts. Meticulously redone building facades frame the center of town, complete with its quaint shops.
Like most essential businesses, the newspaper office was once located downtown.
Window display from a downtown hobby shop.
Time, time, time … look what’s become of me. (Apologies to Paul Simon.)
Down the road – the Village of West Salem in Wayne County.
Couldn’t resist the temptation to explore this alley in West Salem, where I found a few vintage Chryslers and an old pickup truck.
Thrift shop in the center of town. Note the Michael Vick doll – dogs sold separately.

I continued south into Ashland County. As I recall, U.S. 42 originally followed Cleveland and Claremont avenues through town. The U.S. 42 signs are no longer there. Apparently the U.S. 42 bypass, built to keep truck traffic out of town, now serves as the officially designated route.

Building the bypass also kept other traffic out of town, contributing to city’s sense of being suspended in another time. That, too, is another story for another time.

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5 thoughts on “U.S. 42 – Medina and Wayne Counties

  1. As with all of your posts, this was a very interesting read! I had no idea that 42 went all the way to Cleveland. I don’t know Cleveland at all and am always looking for ways to avoid the interstates so this was doubly intriquing. The photos were a nice addition too. I’m still trying to figure out how you managed to get a shot of reflective glass without getting yourself in the pic…lol. Probably the angle.


      1. Well I had to go back and look at that pic again as I didn’t pay as much attention to what was actually sitting in the window…lol. It’s hazy in my mind but am thinking he might have been the one in trouble for involvement in raising dogs for the purpose of “fighting”..?


  2. I liked Medina better when it was sleepy. In Sharon Center, my parents bought chicks at Stauffers – must have been a general or farm store back then. Now it looks a lot like every other suburb.


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