The Road No Longer Taken


The first time I crossed this bridge was in 1980. It was on a canoe trip shuttle. The bus driver stopped just shy of the bridge and announced that it was deemed unsafe and anyone who didn’t want to risk life and limb riding on the bus could walk across. We were all satiated from a delightful three-day canoe trip and probably would have been content to die then and there. No one got off the bus.

Thankfully, this bridge on SR 715 between Nellie and Walhonding, was spared when a new one was built. It’s a popular road with motorcyclists and other spurnpikers, who often stop and walk across the bridge to get a scenic view of the Walhonding River.


7 thoughts on “The Road No Longer Taken

  1. I can see this bridge just west of the Mohawk dam, south of 715 on the satellite view. Did the old route of 715 follow the present road? You can see a faint path in the woods south of the present road, suggesting that the road used to follow that path – something worth checking out to see if the old road is still there? I imagine the land belongs to the farmer who owns the property to the south now, you would need his permission to tramp though the woods there.


    1. The new route parallels it at the bridge. The new bridge is just downstream, so there was very little change in the course of SR 715. You’re right, there is what looks like a road coming in at the base of the bridge on river right. I believe this would have been the Wally Railroad bed. Yes, the land is privately owned. Ashland University has been doing archeological stuff there and people go out looking for arrowheads after it’s plowed. Not sure whether they have permission. Risky business farming there; it floods often. There are canal remnants and the ruins of a lock near the Village of Walhonding.


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